Do you know what the difference is between Watercolor Pencils and regular Colored Pencils?

It’s the type of lead inside the pencil. Colored pencils lead is either Wax or Oil based while Watercolor pencils are water soluble based.

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Whether or not a set of colored pencil is good often depends entirely on just what it is they’ll be used for and who it is that will actually be using them. Things like the age of the user, as well as the overall tone of any artwork can play a huge
role in which watercolor pencils are good and which ones aren’t even worth having around. For this reason, we’ll closely take a look at each factor to help you decide what to look for in a product. While no specific brand recommendations will be made, you can always take a look through our site and find the type of colored pencils that, after reading this guide, you’ve decided you need. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what factors one must consider before going through with a purchase.

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Top 5 Best Watercolor Pencils 2016

Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils Soft Core 72 Pack

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“I was taking an adult art class last Fall and needed to find a colored pencil set. After shopping around online, I found the Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils Set. It came with 72 wonderful pencils that I used in my class. I was very happy with the purchase and would recommend these pencils to anyone.”

These oil based colored pencils come to you in 72 amazing colors. Break-resistant, the pencils will stand up to the test of time without you having to worry about cracking. Richly saturated pigments give you brilliant colors that you can use to create fascinating artwork that you can be proud of. If you are looking for a colored pencil that lays down smoothly and blends well with other colors, this is the one for you. Very soft cores that are thick help keep these colored pencils strong and they are well worth the investment. Perfect for adult coloring books and for drawing beautiful pictures, this pencil set can be used for just about anything you want to draw. Many people who have purchased these pencils in the past have given them rave reviews as you will see below.

72 Premium Art Watercolors Colored Pencils Set

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“When I purchase this pencil set for my brother, he was very happy. But when he started to use it, he really loved it! Now he has created all types of drawings with it which are simply amazing!”

Are you a serious sketch artist that needs a really good set of colored pencils? If you are, then you have to check out the 72 Premium Art Watercolors Colored Pencils Set. This amazing set comes with 72 beautiful colors that are perfect for the sketch artist or just someone who simply loves to color. The set comes with an easy to use roll-up case that will allow you to carry them anywhere you go! Build to last these, pencils are made from durable materials including soft but strong wood. The cores of these pencils are strong and will help keep the pencils from breaking under normal use. Another amazing feature allows you to use these pencils as watercolor as well. This is very versatile and not many other colored pencil sets offer this option. When you purchase these colored pencils, you will get a lifetime warranty which is a great added bonus.

Derwent Drawing Inktense Pencils 12 Count

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“My wife really loves to draw so I decided to purchase the Derwent Drawing Inktense Pencil Set. After they arrived, she started using them right away. She was pleasantly surprised with her gift and the pencils worked really well for her.”

These 12 beautifully designed colored pencils are an artist dream. Made from only the finest materials, these pencils are water soluble and super easy to blend. These pencils come in a wide range of fun colors that include Poppy Red, Fuchsia, Deep Indigo, Sea Blue just to name a few. The pencils have a 4MM core which is perfect for creating all sorts of projects including drawings, and they are also great for adult coloring books. Although they are water soluble, once dry the colors will never run or fade and they become permanent. This is great for those worried about smudging or water damage. The pencils will come to you in a convenient tin that will keep them safe while not in use. If you are looking for the perfect colored pencil set that gives you lots of options, this is the one for you.

Faber Castell Polychromos Color Pencil Set Tin of 120

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“When I was in college, I needed a very large colored pencil set. A friend of mine suggested that I purchase the Faber Castell Polychromos Color Pencil Set Tin of 120, so I did. I was very impressed with the pencils and I still use them from time to time. I would recommend them to anyone learning how to draw.”

This very large set of pencils comes with 120 different colors to choose from. This allows you to easily blend and mix colors to create amazing works of art. You will get high-quality pigments with this set that are brilliant in color. These colored pencils are super strong due to SV bonding. This will keep them from breaking during normal everyday use. These pencils come in a very nice tin case that will allow you to keep them safe while they are not being used. The pencils are part of a larger unique color matching system that will make blending super easy. If you are looking for the perfect all around colored pencil set, this is the one for you. No matter what you like to draw, this set will come in very handy for any artist that loves to draw or color.

Caran d’Ache Classic Neocolor II Water Soluble Pastels

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“I have been an artist for many years but never really found a colored pencil set that I liked. But when I purchased the Caran d’Ache Classic Neocolor II Water Soluble Pastels set, I was pleasantly surprised! I have used this set for many months now, and I would recommend them anyone who is serious about their artwork.”

These are some of the best colored pencils around. With 40 different colors to choose from, this set of water soluble pencils is perfect for any sized project. Easy to blend and very durable, these pencils will not break during normal use, and they are perfect even for the beginner. These pencils will allow you to add watercolor effects to any artwork making it look amazing! You can use these pencils on many different surfacing including paper, cardboard, and glass just to name a few. These pencils can be used both dry and wet which is perfect for different art projects. If you are looking for a set of art pencils that are versatile and made to last, this is the one for you. These pencils would also make a wonderful gift to someone that loves to draw using watercolors.

What Will You Be Drawing?

It’s not just about the objects you’re drawing, but the atmosphere in which you wish to draw them. A darker image filled with a lot of grays, blacks, navy blues and similar colors which could be described as anything but vibrant require completely different watercolor pencils than pictures featuring hot pinks, babyblues and other “bright” colors. Each type of picture has its own set of colored pencils made for it. When in doubt, you can always buy a set that meets halfway in between and features a wide variety of different shades and colors.

Will You Be Blending Colors?

Best Watercolor Pencils 2016Some colored pencils are made for blending colors while others are not. If you do plan on doing some blending, getting a set which features pencils who’s colored leads are very soft will prove worthwhile. The downside to this is that, when you’re not blending colors, you’ll find it hard to make as crisp and clear a mark as you would with harder colored leads. If you’re unsure of whether or not you’ll be doing any blending it the first place, it may be a good idea to get a set which is geared toward this type of work, as it will generally prove to be more versatile.

What Other Tools Will You Be Using?

It you plan on using other art tools, you should be sure your colored pencils are compatible with them. Let’s use paint as an example. While I’d never recommend coloring over paint, it’s certainly possible to apply paint after using pencils. Whether you blend the two or simply use the pencils for outlines, more definition or what have you, it’s important the pencils are waterproof. If they aren’t waterproof, you’ll likely find the colors fading, blending or bleeding after applying paint. While mixing the two isn’t common, it serves as a great example. If you’re mixing one coloring tool with another, make sure they’re compatible with one another.

There are ofcourse other tools that I recommend that you use. A high quality electric pencil sharpener is definitely something I recommend that you use. I can’t go without mine.

How Serious Are You About Your Art?

For a child who needs some colored pencils for school, a set of two hundred artist-grade pencils just sounds silly. Not only will this incur a fair bit of extra cost, it will be a burden to carry around in the backpack and most of the colors will go unused. While the above may be a bit of an extreme example, it’s important to understand the difference between artist-grade pencils and primary school-grade pencils. Realize that one is not at all necessarily better than the other. If you want to draw some simple pictures while watching TV just to later throw in the garbage, consider skipping on the artist-grade pencils.

Are You Heavy-Handed?

If you find the muscles on the outer edge of your hand and at the base of your thumbget sore when you draw, you likely have a tendency of pushing rather hard on the paper. While there’s nothing out there that can make your hand feel any better, there are colored pencils which will likely work better for you. Getting something with a hard, less-destructible lead can gre
atly reduce the amount of time you spend sharpening your pencil after breaking its tip off. While these may not be so great for blending colors, they can give you an extra level of convenience while reducing the occurrence of splotches of color on the paper where you broke your tip.

Do You Need an Entire Set?

Unbeknownst to the large majority of people, sets of colored pencils aren’t your only option. While a set is certainly a good place to start for the overwhelming majority of budding artists, those looking to simply expand on the set they currently have may save money by buying single pencils. It’s worth nothing however; that a set of 50 pencils will almost always cost less than buying those same specific pencils separately. Though, if you just need one or two new shades or colors, buying single pencils is likely your best option.

Do You Have the Necessary Supplies?

If you buy a set, are you sure that it comes with everything you need? Or are you going to need to do more shopping? A pencil sharpener, for example, is a necessity. If you’re looking for a set which actually has one included, it’s important to check the product’s specifications, as many of them do not. Also, you may very well happen upon a bundle of pencils that doesn’t come with a suitable case to store them or lug them around in a backpack. If these items aren’t included in the picture, be sure to read the fine print to ensure the product you have your eyes on includes everything you need. Otherwise, you’ll need to shop around some more.Faber Castell

What Are Other People Saying?

Lastly, it always helps to check reviews of products from past customers. While we ourselves have reviews partially based upon feedback from any given product’s customers, when looking into a product which we haven’t covered, take a moment to scroll down a bit and see what customers are saying about the product. No matter what wild claims a manufacturer makes, if nobody seems to like what they happen to offer, you likely won’t be a huge fan either.

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