Faber-Castell Art GRIP Aquarelle Review

Up until now, I’m sure you’ve become more than familiar with the “typical” colored pencils in existence. Generally, their physical shape resembles that of a cylinder with a point at the end. They can also usually be blended with paint (the paint going on after the colored pencil, of coarse) and are made entirely of the inner coloring agent and wood with some paint on the outside as a means of demonstrating any given pencil’s color. If you thought this was all the world of colored pencils had to offer, think again. Today, we’ll be going over a product which goes against the grain, producing a pencil who’s features I’m sure you’ve never seen in a similar product. Let’s take a closer look.

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This set by Faber-Castell is a unique and innovative product which displays a variety of offbeat features mostly related to its physical design which I’d like to see more of in similar products. In terms of the actual colors used, it could be described as rather average for its price. For many folks; however, I think its added features will be seen as rather refreshing and can even work to increase an artist’s ability to some degree while using the pencils. Here are those features.


While the majority of pencils (colored or otherwise) tend to be round or polygonal in shape, this set features pencils which are actually triangular. Not only does this change its appearance in a way that immediately separates it from similar products, but it can actually make it easier to hold the pencils steady.

Going well in conjunction with the above feature is what the manufacturer refers to as the pencils’ “soft-GRIP-zone.” Without getting into the technical aspects of this feature, it further increases each pencil’s ease of use, allowing users to hold it steady for longer periods of time without having their hand cramp up as often.


  1. An ergonomic shape makes using the pencils more comfortable while even increasing an artist’s ability.
  2. A grip of sorts further accentuates the above.
  3. Colors bleed in a way that allows for neat designs through splashing water on top with a water brush.


  1. You may have a hard time painting over top of colors.
  2. While the pencils’ grips are good, they may take some getting used to.
  3. Some folks complain about a lack of colors.

User Feedback

The feedback this set receives from past users is majorly positive (in fact, on Amazon, it hasn’t received a single one or two-star rating). Clearly, its unorthodox design truly does work for the majority of people who use it. The occasional review that doesn’t give it five stars usually does so on the basis of its lack of different colors.

The Verdict

While not conventional by any means, if you’re in the market for some new watercolor pencils and are in for a bit of an adventure, this set may very well prove to be worth its cost. Through an offbeat design and added hand support, many find something in the Art GRIP that they can’t find elsewhere.

Faber-Castell Art Grip Review
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