ImiKas Electric Pencil Sharpener Review

No matter the profession, there is an electric pencil sharpener out there for everybody. After taking several factors into account such as the level of noise or the pencil shavings capacity any given electric pencil sharpener exhibits; however, you’ll find there is a best product for any given person and situation. Things like where it will be used, how often it will be used and who will have to put up with the noise it makes all decide which electric pencil sharpener is the right one for you. Let’s take a look at one of the more consistently high-rate electric pencil sharpeners currently on the market – the ImiKas electric pencil sharpener – and find out if it’s the product you’ve been looking for all along.

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ImiKas Electric Pencil Sharpener Overview

The ImiKas differentiates itself from other electric pencil sharpeners of its type by offering users different sharpening settings – a feature nearly unheard of in pencil sharpeners of any kind. While this comes with no guarantee of quality (we’ll get to its overall quality in a moment, however), it proves to be a nice feature for those in large groups with different preferences as well as artists who require different levels of sharpening with different pencils. While the ImiKas’ sharpening settings act as its main feature and selling point, it has a few other features which I’d like to touch base on as well. Here are those features.

Product Features

As previously stated, the ImiKas’ ability to sharpen a pencil to your specific preference is, without a doubt, its main (and best) feature and selling point. It has three settings, one which makes the tip sharp, one which leaves it rather blunt, and one which meets halfway between the two. It’s worth noting that, no matter the setting you choose, the graphite in your pencil will elongate as the wood around it is chipped away just like with any other pencil sharpener; “blunt” and “sharp” in this case purely refer to the state of the very tip of the pencil.

Another feature found in the ImiKas, while not overly exciting (though still worth noting) is that the hole in which one sharpens their pencil is actually located on the top of the unit. It seems odd that nobody has thought of building such a model up until this point. You won’t have to worry about holding the ImiKas down while sharpening you pencil; just stick it in, take it out, and you’re done. It’s very practical in this regard.

One thing you’ll notice about the ImiKas electric pencil sharpener is that, when you have it set to the “sharp” setting, it will come out very, very sharp. The manufacturer themselves use mumbo jumbo such as “helical steel” when referring to the blade as a means of illustrating this point. Whether or not you know what helical steel is, it’s safe to say that this pencil sharpener lives up to its promise of giving you a very sharp pencil, assuming its settings are set to do so.

Lastly, the ImiKas is portable. This is achieved through both its optional battery power and its small size. Whether or not the latter is a good thing; however, depends on how sturdy you need it to be. While this may not be great on a surface which moves around a lot, it may come in handy for a tradesman always on his feet, looking for something he can simply throw in his work belt. The same can be said of teachers who know their desks won’t be budging around a lot. Either way, the ability to choose your power source when operating an electric pencil sharpener is a great feature and something I’d like to see in all pencil sharpeners.

  1. You can choose how sharp the tip of your pencil will be.
  2. The sharpening hole is on top, keeping the unit sturdy while in use.
  3. Multiple optional power sources allow you to use it in all situations.
  1. It’s rather lightweight, leaving it less sturdy when laying around.
  2. Large power usage means its USB adapter isn’t suitable for computers.
  3. Only compatible with regular-sized pencils.

Sharpening Power

I can’t praise the ImiKas’ pencil sharpening power enough. While it isn’t the absolute quickest when sharpening your pencil (though still quicker than average), the finished product is always great. You’ll be hard pressed trying to find another sharpener which leaves your pencils coming out as sharp as the ImiKas does.


Don’t get me wrong; there’s nothing inherently wrong with the ImiKas’ consistency. It’s just that there’s nothing right about it either. When stacked up to other electric pencil sharpeners, it performs at an average level in terms of how frequently your pencil will come out looking the same. While you’ll never have a piece of graphite come out blunt when set to the sharp setting, the ImiKas, just like nearly every other pencil sharpener, may sometimes crack the exposed graphite off completely. Of coarse, this can easily be fixed by simply sharpening your pencil again.

Noise Level

The only reason I didn’t give this electric pencil sharpener a 5/5 is because it does, in fact, emit an audible noise upon its use. Still, it tends to be fairly quiet when stacked up to other electric sharpeners, keeping it suitable for quiet and focused work environments. If; however, you’re looking for a near-silent pencil sharpener that can’t be heard from five feet away, you may want to continue shopping around.


At first glance, the ImiKas’ capacity for pencil shavings may seem above average, though nothing which deserves a ton of praise. After closer inspection; however, you’ll notice that it can hold a lot more than meets the eye. The reason for this is that, despite its rather small size, its capacity for pencil shavings is easily doubled due to its ability to grind up shavings to almost dust, packing them in tight and leaving you with a pencil sharpener you won’t have to empty for days on end.


It’s almost completely unheard of for this pencil sharpener’s inner hardware to malfunction. In the extremely unlikely case that it does, you’ll find ImiKas to be more than willing to fix the issue for you. The company is well known for their excellent customer service (which you probably won’t need to use anyways).


The outer shell of this product is actually quite durable and fairly resistant to cracking or shattering upon being dropped. The problem lies with its portable stature. While portability is very important to certain individuals when it comes to picking out a new electric pencil sharpener, the fact of the matter is that this portability leaves it lightweight and, thus, more likely for fall off of surfaces, lowering its durability to a degree.


While not ridiculously cheap, the ImiKas comes at a great price relative to its overall quality. For others with equal quality, one might expect to pay nearly twice as much.

Who is the ImiKas Electric Pencil Sharpener Suited Toward?

If you plan on carrying a pencil sharpener with you at times but don’t fee like settling for a small, analog model, the ImiKas’ portability and (optional) battery power will work wonders. Because it can also be plugged in while holding a large amount of shavings, it’s also great for sitting on a desk in comparison to other portable sharpeners, making it rather multipurpose. For this reason, I’d recommend it to anyone with a busy life, a physical job or even multiple jobs, as it will preform well in nearly any situation. Artists; however, will definitely get the most bang for their buck, due to its ability to sharpen pencils to different, pre-determined degrees.

The Verdict

The ImiKas electric pencil sharpener is, without a doubt, one of the very best products of its type currently available on the market. No matter who you are or what you do, the ImiKas is sure to get the job done with relative ease every time.

ImiKas Review
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