LYV Arts Premium Art Drawing Color Pencils Review

When it comes to colored pencil sets made for children, each and every set is generally very similar, as they’ll all typically be used for the same sort of thing. When it comes to sets made for the recreational artist; however, this is not so much the case. There are some sets which tend to work better for bright and lively pictures which are meant to catch the eye, and there are some meant for darker pictures. For those who dabble in both types of drawings, though don’t have the cash or the desire to buy two different sets, products can be had which are more multi-purpose in nature, giving you the best of both worlds without all of the expense. The colored pencil set we’re looking at today matches this description perfectly.

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The LYV Arts Premium Art Drawing Color Pencils is a set of colored pencils consisting of seventy-two different colors and shades ranging from dark to light. It tends to be geared toward those who have no particular specialty and tend to create completely different types of artworks. It can certainly get the job done for anyone through its variety and versatility and it comes at a somewhat modest price in relation to its overall quality, making it suitable for many.


Seventy-two different colors and shades make tackling any project a piece of cake. Non-toxic, these colored pencils are great for adults and children alike. Lastly, they come with a money-back guarantee which literally lasts a lifetime, making it great for those weary of going through with the purchase.


  1. A large amount of colors makes tackling any project easy.
  2. A lifetime money-back guarantee ensures you’ll be happy with your purchase.
  3. The set is more budget-friendly than others of its type.


  1. It may be impractical for young students due to its size and price relative to sets made specifically for grade school.
  2. Those who know they’ll only be creating dark or light images should choose a more specific set to suit their needs.
  3. Leads may sometimes break upon being sharpened.

User Feedback

Of all colored pencil sets, this one has some of the most (if not the most) positive user feedback. Users praise it for the quality of the colors available, the variety of the colors available and the durability of the pencils themselves. While negative user reviews are very rare, the ones available generally take up issue with the pencil leads’ tendency to break upon being sharpened.

The Verdict

If you’re looking for the set of colored pencils that can do it all, look no further. With this set you’ll be able to color nearly anything perfectly due to the versatility inherent in the product that makes it differ greatly from many products of the same type. The money-back guarantee is a huge plus which I think we can all appreciate, allowing you to buy the colored pencil with confidence, not having to worry about faulty products coming in the mail or similar mishaps.

LYV Arts Premium Review
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