OfficeGoods Electric Pencil Sharpener Review

Sometimes, an electric pencil sharpener made with a specific person in mind just isn’t right. Not all of us are teachers, artists or tradesmen. For those of us working multiple jobs, taking up several hobbies or those of us simply in the market for a new electric pencil sharpener to have laying around the house, it can be hard to pick out an appropriate model. While there are many models made with teachers and (to a lesser degree) woodworkers in mind, I’d like to go over a great, well-rounded electric pencil sharpener that everyone will be able to get lots of use out of. The pencil sharpener I speak of is, of coarse, the OfficeGoods electric pencil sharpener.

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The OfficeGoods electric pencil sharpener is advertised is being compact, portable, versatile and reliable. It’s great for all kinds of uses (for several reasons which we’ll get to in a moment). No matter what it is you plan on doing with your freshly sharpened pencils, the OfficeGoods electric pencil sharpener is sure to give you exactly what you need due to its extreme versatility. To start things off, let’s take a look at some of its more prominent features and selling points so you can decide from the start whether or not this is the electric pencil sharpener for you.


The most exciting feature offered by the OfficeGoods electric pencil sharpener is, without a doubt, the ability it gives users to choose just how sharp their pencil will come out looking after being sharpened. It has three settings: sharp, medium and blunt. Each particular setting will come in handy given the situation; marking a sawing line on a plank of wood will require a different level of sharpness than shading a picture will, for example. This is one of the few electric pencil sharpeners in existence to exhibit such a trait and it stands out for this reason.

Another great, though less exciting, feature is that the hole you’ll be sticking your pencil in is located on the top of the unit. While this may not sound like a big deal to those without experience with electric pencil sharpeners, it can dramatically reduce how often your new pencil sharpener falls off of your desk while giving you the convenience of only needing to use one hand when sharpening a pencil.

It also gives users the ability to choose between powering it through batteries or a wall outlet. This is great for those who don’t want to have to worry about losing power to their sharpener. With a set of extra batteries in the unit, you can rest assured knowing you’ll still be able to stay productive even if the power goes out.

Lastly, it comes with a built-in safety feature which ensures that the pencil sharpener won’t actually sharpen anything when the shaving cover is removed. This prevents fingers or objects other than pencils from getting damaged in the event they make their way into the hole, which is particularly useful when used around children. It’ll also make sure you don’t get pencil shavings scattered about the floor.


  1. A built-in safety feature ensures cleanliness and safety in the event the shaving cover is removed.
  2. Variable settings allow you to choose just how sharp your pencil gets.
  3. A hole on the top makes sharpening your pencil easier than ever.


  1. Its price is well above average.
  2. The USB adapter should only be used in the provided wall plug; it may damage other plugs.
  3. It may need to be emptied often depending on how frequently it is used.

Sharpening Power

The OfficeGoods electric pencil sharpener sharpens pencils quickly and precisely. You won’t have to worry about dips in the wood running up the pencil. This makes it great for all forms of use and is a trait we can all appreciate.


As long as you choose the right setting (which is very important, considering each one differs greatly), your pencil will come out looking the same every time. This is true to the point that a large portion of happy customer reviews of the OfficeGoods electric pencil sharpener revolve purely around this feature. If it’s a consistently sharp (or blunt, depending on the setting) pencil you’re after, look no further than the OfficeGoods electric pencil sharpener.


Of all of the factors which must be considered when looking at buying any particular pencil sharpener, this is where the OfficeGoods pencil sharpener excels the least. I won’t say that it has a small capacity for pencil shavings, but it certainly doesn’t have a large one either.

Noise Level

While some electric pencil sharpeners preform in a more quiet fashion than the OfficeGoods model, the vast majority do not. You may hear it from the other side of a classroom, but only if the classroom in question is very quiet. At any rate, you won’t have to worry about disrupting those around you with its level of noise.


It’s very rare that you’ll hear a complaint about the OfficeGoods electric pencil sharpener regarding its inner hardware having difficulties (in fact, it’s very rare that you’ll hear any complaints at all). There’s not much more to say here; the hardware works and works well.


This is a tricky one. At face value, this pencil sharpener doesn’t look that durable. It’s not made of the strongest material out there (though, it’s not made of the weakest either). However, because its sharpening hole is located at the top of the unit in a way that you push it down, as opposed to sideways, you’ll very rarely have to worry about it falling off of a surface.


The OfficeGoods electric pencil sharpener isn’t the most expensive sharpener out there. At the same time, it’s certainly not the cheapest. It’s a bit above average, though not by a whole lot. I will; however, say that its price is more than fair considering its quality.

Who is it Best Suited Toward?

Everyone. No matter who you are or what you do, the OfficeGoods electric pencil sharpener will do its job and do it well. However, I will say that it doesn’t seem to target any particular demographic (such as teachers). If you’re looking for a specialty sharpener, this isn’t it. If; however, you want something versatile that’s sure to preform in any given situation, OfficeGoods has you covered.

The Verdict

The reason this pencil sharpener doesn’t get a 5/5 is because it’s not made for any particular person. If you need something for school or work, you’ll likely find something better by buying an electric pencil sharpener that’s been made specifically for you. However, it is one of the best multi-pupose pencil sharpeners on the market and deserves the praise it gets.

OfficeGoods Review
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