Ohuhu Electric Pencil Sharpener Review

Sometimes, a large, clunky, heavy-duty electric pencil sharpener just doesn’t seem appropriate (and rightfully so). While many folks may find such electric pencil sharpeners offer them everything they need, for many of us, lugging around a several-pound sharpener just doesn’t make sense. Small, portable pencil sharpeners certainly have their place in the world and, when placed in the right hands, can be even more useful than their bigger, heavier counterparts. Smaller electric pencil sharpeners also have the luxury of costing less money, due to the lower amount of materials used to make them. If this sounds like everything you’ve been looking for in a new electric pencil sharpener, the below product should suit your needs just fine.

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The Ohuhu electric pencil sharpener is without question, the best sharpener on the market when compared to others of its tiny and lightweight stature. It primarily advertises itself as being low-cost, easy to use, light in the pocket and more reliable than even the majority of heavy-duty electric pencil sharpeners on the market. Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Ohuhu so great and look at any additional features it has which further seal the deal. If you’re in the market for a portable electric pencil sharpener, you may be pleasantly surprised.

Product Features

The Ohuhu electric pencil sharpener comes with a safety lock which activates upon removing the shaving tray. Because of this, you won’t have to worry about getting things stuck inside or making a mess in the event that you forget to put the shaving tray back on after emptying it. It also ensures safety when used by children, making it great for school.

It also comes with a feature unheard of in nearly every other electric pencil sharpener on the market. Once your pencil’s tip reaches an optimal (pre-determined) length, the sharpener will actually automatically stop operating. This ensures you’ll never lose more time or pencil than you need to.

The Ohuhu electric pencil sharpener comes with a replaceable sharpening core. When a sharpener’s inner hardware stops operating properly or efficiently, it’s often due to the sharpening core either becoming dulled or malfunctioning altogether. The sharpener comes with one free core on top of the one already situated inside, dramatically increasing its life expectancy.

Lastly, the Ohuhu comes with a USB cord which can be used to power it. The cord is not necessary, but allows users the choice between using it or batteries, giving it some versatility. Because of its small stature, most consumers may find themselves relying solely on the batteries so that the Ohuhu may act as a portable model, but it’s nice to see that we’re given the choice between the two.


  1. The Ohuhu is extremely portable, even when stacked up against other portable pencil sharpeners.
  2. Its safety feature ensures kids can use it without worry.
  3. The choice between two power sources means you’ll always be able to use it, no matter the resources at hand.


  1. It is very lightweight and will not hold up will in high-traffic environments where it will be used constantly by a large variety of people.
  2. Ohuhu’s customer service isn’t known for being overly responsive.
  3. Its small stature means it may fall off of unstable surfaces if you’re not careful.

Sharpening Power

I won’t say that the Ohuhu is any better than your average electric pencil sharpener in terms of how quick is sharpens you pencil, nor will I say that it’s any worse. In terms of sharpening power, the Ohuhu electric pencil sharpener is average; nothing more, nothing less.


Even when stacked up against large, powerful, heavy-duty electric pencil sharpeners, the Ohuhu will give you the same end result every time. This is mostly due to its feature which stops pencils from being sharpened any longer than they have to by stopping the Ohuhu’s operation automatically.


I can’t say I’m really surprised here. Being an electric pencil sharpener which is heavily advertised as being small, portable and lightweight, you can’t very well expect that it’ll be able to hold a whole lot of pencil shavings. That being said, the amount of shavings it can hold is even a little bit disappointing relative to its overall size. Depending on how busy you find yourself, you may end up needing to empty its tank several times a day. For occasional use; however, this isn’t too much of a problem.

Noise Level

The noise it produces is very small, though perhaps not as small as you’d expect, given the unit’s size. Either way, you won’t have to worry about disrupting others when sharpening your pencil. This makes it great for all situations.

ReliabilityThe fact that the Ohuhu electric pencil sharpener comes with a free replacement sharpening core adds points to its reliability right off the bat. This aside, it’s still very reliable on its own. Considering most people don’t even end up using their replacement core at all, you can count on your Ohuhu working properly for a long amount of time.


Despite its small stature, the Ohuhu is a very hearty piece of equipment. Because of this, you don’t need to worry about putting it in your back pocket and sitting on it later; it will survive the blast every time. It’s made out of some fairly durable material on the outside which keeps it relatively safe at all times.


Portable pencil sharpeners are known for being very cheap, likely due to the small amount of materials required in their construction. This holds true for the Ohuhu as well. No matter which kind of electric pencil sharpener you’re after, a low price is always an added bonus and something we can all appreciate.

Who is it Best Suited Toward?

If you’re looking for a portable pencil sharpener, the Ohuhu is all you need. It is, without a doubt, one of the very best portable pencil sharpeners on the market. If you’re not looking for something lightweight; however, you will most certainly not appreciate what the Ohuhu pencil sharpener has to offer. Otherwise, it’s always a good choice.

The Verdict

It’s lightweight, it has added safety features, it consistently leaves you with a sharp pencil, it gives you two choices of power supply and, yet, it comes at a relatively low price. What else could you ask for in a portable electric pencil sharpener?

Ohuhu Electric Pencil Sharpener Review
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