Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Review

Different sets of colored pencils are made with different folks in mind. Someone in primary school just beginning to learn their colors, for example, will likely only need one or two shades of any given color, while the adult recreational artist might prefer a wide variety of colors and shades to use in their projects, removing the need for paints or other art tools which may prove to be more of a mess than anything. Today, we’ll be looking at a set of colored pencils made with the latter group in mind.

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Product Overview

An assortment of seventy-two unique colors and shades, the Presmacolo Premier set of colored pencil allows one to take on a large amount of projects without worrying about lacking the tools needed to complete the job. it advertises itself not only as being of a versatile nature, but producing vibrant colors, no matter the color used.

Product Features

Seventy-two different pencils – each with their own shade or color – makes sure you never have to run to the art cabinet to complete a job.

Vibrant colors keep projects looking bright and full of life, making it more suitable for alive and colorful projects, as opposed to darker images you might expect to find in an Edgar Allen Po visual adaptation.

Waterproof, you’ll find painting over colors to be a relatively forgiving process, though getting marks off of furniture or floors, while not impossible, might not be the easiest of tasks.


  1. Vibrant colors make lively images even more lively.
  2. Waterproof coloring allows colored pencils to be used in conjunction with other art supplements.
  3. A large variety of colors means you’ll always have what you need to get the job done.


  1. The large variety of bright colors and small variety of dark shades makse drawing darker images challenging.
  2. While not permanent, marks on furniture may take some effort to be removed.
  3. The large price (up to one hundred dollars) can be too big an expense for many folks.

User Feedback

Despite its above-average price, customers generally feel as if they’ve gotten their money’s worth and then some. Looking at other reviews online, you’ll notice that almost every single one of them grants these colored pencil five stars and has nothing bad to say about the product as a whole. The pencils are often praised for their ability to blend colors and offer a colorful picture every time.

The Verdict

If (and only if) you’re willing to spend up to three figures on a set of colored pencils, the Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Colored Pencil set is sure to give you exactly what you need. Through a variety of great, vibrant colors, you’ll be hard pressed finding a job that it can’t handle with the utmost quality in the finished products. The ability to blend colors with that of other pencils, or even paint, further makes this set a worthwhile purchase for those taking on advanced projects. For serious artists willing to spend some serious cash, look no further than Prismacolor.

Prismacolor Premier Soft Core Review
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