School Smart Electric Heavy-Duty Pencil Sharpener Review

While it can be easy to assume all electric pencil sharpeners operate in much the same manner, one may be surprised to find just how much one particular model may vary from the last after doing some digging around. I won’t go so far as to say that every professional needs a specific model of sharpener to function at work, though I will say that the particular pencil sharpener you decide to go with can make one’s life a whole lot easier throughout the workday. If you’re in the market for a new pencil sharpener and are unsure which one is the right model for you, the below information may or may not introduce you to the product you’re looking for.

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School Smart Overview

The School Smart Electric Heavy-Duty Pencil Sharpener, as its name would suggest, isn’t the most portable pencil sharpener in the world. It advertises itself as being able to take on any job at the cost of being large and clunky. For a desk-mounted electric pencil sharpener, the School Smart has just the dimensions to ensure it’s small enough to not take up large amounts of room on one’s desk, though small enough to ensure it doesn’t fall off upon being used. While it’s a fairly basic electric pencil sharpener (albeit somewhat more heavy-duty), it has a couple of features which go on to differentiate the School Smart from other electric pencil sharpeners of its type. Let’s take a closer look at said features and figure out what it is this product is all about.


A low, balanced center of gravity helps keep the pencil sharpener steady and upright. Not having to worry about it falling over, the School Smart sharpener is great for classrooms or other areas where children may be using it or where the base it sits on may be moving around, such as in a workshop. It also comes with a large cord, making it suitable for all situations, whether or not your desk happens to be right beside a power outlet.

The outer casing is primarily made of solid, non-transparent plastic. While many pencil sharpeners typically come with a see-through outer casing, these are generally prone to cracks (or outright shattering) in the event that it falls off of a desk. While the School Smart will likely never fall in the first place, you can rest assured knowing that if it does, you probably won’t have to worry about replacing it.

It comes with what School Smart refers to as an “auto pencil stop.” What this does is ensures the pencil doesn’t go in further than in needs to or gets sharpened longer than necessary. The end result of such a feature is that the pencil in question comes out with a perfect, sharp tip every time without the sharpened portion running up the side of the pencil. Because of this, you’ll find the graphite breaking less frequently than you would with pencils sharpened elsewhere.

Lastly, the School Smart pencil sharpener is widely regarded as being resistant to jams of any sort. While some low-quality sharpeners may need to be taken apart from time to time in the event that pencil shavings get stuck in the blades, this never seems to be the case with this particular model. If you want something that will last a long time with little maintenance, the School Smart is definitely for you.


  1. It gives a great sharpening every time.
  2. It’s relatively small, despite its heavy-duty stature.
  3. Its price-to-quality ratio is one of the best in the business.


  1. While resistant on the outside, there have been several complaints regarding the reliability of the hardware housed within the pencil sharpener.
  2. It’s noisy, even compared to other electric pencil sharpeners.
  3. It’s prone to overheating through over-usage.

Sharpening Power

This is, of coarse, one of the most important factors to consider when looking at buying any sort of pencil sharpener, electric or otherwise. I will say that, after seeing the sharpening power it has to offer, it’s easy to see why the School Smart is so noisy. Pencils are sharpened to perfection in a very short amount of time relative to other sharpeners.


The auto pencil stop feature built into the School Smart sharpener keeps every pencil coming out looking the exact same. Not only does the sharpener work consistently on every pencil, it leaves each one looking great with a nice, sharp tip.


The School Smart pencil sharpener isn’t the greatest when it comes to its ability to hold pencil shavings. While there are some electric pencil sharpeners which come with even smaller capacities, the majority are much larger. You’ll likely be emptying the sharpener several times a day if used in a high-traffic classroom or another similar environment.

Noise Level

This is easily in the top five when it comes to the noisiest electric pencil sharpeners. While it may not echo throughout an entire school, it can certainly be heard in the hallway while passing a classroom, even when the door is shut. This makes it great primarily for large workshops, warehouses or primary school classes, where the noise won’t be seen as overly disruptive. To be fair; however, you’d be hard pressed to find an equally powerful electric pencil sharpener that doesn’t make a whole lot of noise.


You’re likely never going to experience this pencil sharpener toppling over due to its secure base, heavy stature and low center of gravity. Its long cord also helps, being that you won’t have to worry about the cord pulling on the sharpener. If it does fall down, it’ll continue to work more often than not due to its durable outer shell. The only issue with the School Smart sharpener in terms of durability is its inner hardware. While not common, it isn’t completely unheard of to see owners who’s new pencil sharpener only lasted them a couple of months before ceasing to work entirely. This could be due to overheating or faulty hardware. Either way, it’s worth noting.


The price-to-quality ratio in this product is outstanding. For a pencil sharpener which last most folks several years, it is certainly forgiving in the expense department. Compared to other products of its type priced similarly, you’re getting a real solid pencil sharpener.

Who is the School Smart Electric Heavy-Duty Pencil Sharpener Product Best Suited Toward?

If you’re working in a busy, high-traffic environment, the School Smart will definitely come in handy. Tradesmen, teachers of young children and others in similar professions will likely appreciate everything this pencil sharpener has to offer. If; however, you work in a low-traffic, relaxed or quiet environment, you may find this product to be a bit more loud and heavy duty than you need it to be.

The Final Verdict

The School Smart pencil sharpener couldn’t exactly be considered universally great; depending on who you are and what you do, this may very well be one of the best or worst electric pencil sharpeners you could possibly get your hands on. One thing everyone can agree on, no matter their profession, is that this pencil sharpener is of a solid, quality build while retaining a very moderate price tag.

School Smart Review
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