X-Acto School Pro Heavy-Duty Electric Sharpener Review

Some electric pencil sharpeners are built with tradesmen in mind, some are built for at-home use and some meet halfway between with a more multi-purpose feel about them. The particular pencil sharpener we’ll be looking at today; however, is made purely with teachers in mind. If you’ve been looking for a new pencil sharpener to increase productivity in the classroom, the model we’ll go over in this article may very well prove to be everything you’ve been looking for. Sound like the electric pencil sharpener for you? Let’s take a closer look and find out.

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The X-Acto School Pro Heavy-Duty Electric Sharpener is advertised as being made by teachers, for teachers. While any company can simply stamp a slogan like that on their product, it is worth noting that the electric pencil sharpener in question really does come with a few features which make it suitable for classrooms housing students of all ages. I wouldn’t recommend a pencil sharpener like this for many other situations but, for in-class usage, it’s one of the best. Here’s why:


The first thing you’ll notice upon taking a look at this pencil sharpener is that it’s compatible with pencils of all sizes. While the actual hole in which pencils are placed to be sharpened is rather large, the wheel in the front allows you to adjust the size of the outer portion of the hole, helping to keep average and small-sized pencils in place while sharpening them.

It also produces pencil points which are moderately sharp, though not as sharp as can be. When you know you’ll be doing lots of different types of work in class (drawing, writing, etc.), this makes it somewhat more universal, allowing it to come in handy no matter what type of work you may happen to be doing.

Finally, the X-Acto is very quiet, making it suitable for classes of all type, whether it be among 30 noisy kindergartners or a handful of 12th-grade test-takers.


  1. Its large, heavy design keeps it from toppling over.
  2. Its quiet operation makes it useful for all classrooms.
  3. It can sharpen pencils of all sizes.


  1. Because the hole in which pencils are sharpened is rather large, smaller pencils may wiggle around.
  2. Its large size makes it less-than-convenient in situations outside of the classroom
  3. Its price is well above average in comparison to other electric pencil sharpeners.

Sharpening Power

The X-Acto is neither above or below average in terms of sharpening power. It will no doubt get the job done, though it won’t be a one-second job, as is the case with some other, top-of-the-line electric pencil sharpeners. Still, it works just fine.


The X-Acto’s major drawback seems to revolve around the fact that the hole in which pencils are sharpened is made specifically for larger pencils. While the wheel in front of said hole allows you to adjust the outside portion, you may find that pencils which are small to average in size will wiggle around a bit. While this can be easily fixed with a firm, steady grip, it may act as an annoyance or inconvenience to some, especially those with poor hand strength (such as small children). If you know you’ll only be using number two pencils, you might want a more conventional electric pencil sharpener.


The X-Acto has one of the biggest capacities of all electric pencil sharpeners. In fact, almost half of its outer mass is attributed to its large tank for holding pencil shavings. Even in high-traffic classes where tonnes of colored pencils go through the sharpener on an hourly basis, you’ll still find no need to empty the X-Acto on even a daily basis.

Noise Level

Despite its large stature and heavy-duty status, the X-Acto is very, very quiet when in use. This is important for pencil sharpeners geared toward use in schools, as you’ll be able to use it in higher grades where students and teachers alike spend lots of time in absolute quiet whilst they write tests and whatnot. The X-Acto is, without a doubt, one of the quietest electric pencil sharpeners currently available on the market. If it’s peace and quiet you’re after, look no further.


Not a whole lot to say here. The occurrence of complaints regarding the X-Acto’s inner hardware to function on a regular basis are few and far between. It’s one of the more reliable electric pencil sharpeners available to consumers.


I’d actually go so far as to call the X-Acto the most durable electric pencil sharpener in existence. Not only is it made from very durable material (perhaps with its tank being an exception), its low center of gravity and heavy stature ensure you won’t need to deal with it falling over and breaking.


Of coarse, such a great pencil sharpener won’t come cheap. If you want the best of the best, you’ll certainly get it in the X-Acto. If; however, you’re looking for a bargain, you may want to keep shopping around. While not the most expensive sharpener on the market, its price is well above average.

Who is It Best Suited Toward?

If you’re a teacher in need of a new electric pencil sharpener, I couldn’t recommend another product as much as I could the X-Acto. It’s durable, it’s quiet and it’s the furthest thing from portable, making it great for teachers with students of all ages. If; however, you don’t belong to the above demographic, you can most definitely find a better electric pencil sharpener at an even better price.

The Verdict

I want to briefly clear things up regarding the above rating. If you’re a teacher with lots of students, the 4.5/5 rating still stands. If you need something portable or don’t plan on having 30 kids run pencils through the sharpener on a daily basis, I’d give this product a much lower rating, closer to a 1/5. For teachers; however, the X-Acto is about the best electric pencil sharpener you’ll be able to get your hands on, assuming you have (or are willing to spend) the funds required.

X-Acto School Pro Review
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